First Iran national Anthem – Qajar Dynasty 1933

Salamati-ye Shah (Persian: سلامتی شاه, Translation: Health of the Shah) was the first national anthem of Persia (Iran). It was used from the time of Mozzafar al-Din Shah Qajar until 1933, when it was replaced by Sorood-e Shahanshahi Iran, which praised the Pahlavis. The music was composed by French military musician Lemaire. The new lyrics are by Bijan Taraqi who was asked by Peyman Soltani, The leader of Melal Orchestra of Iran, to write a poem for the old national anthem. This new version of the anthem was performed in October 2005 by Melal Orchestra of Iran.

Some more information about the composition:

This Anthem, so as can you hear it below, is rearranged, recomposed and orchestrated by the Persian composer Siavash Beizai. Only the vocal parts of this hymn are derived from the original by J. B. Lemaire. There are also some harmonic and formal corrections in this piece. The Introduction, the middle part and the closing part are composed by Siavash Beizai too. After the great popularity of this Anthem, it has been increasingly misused by the official Iranian Radio and Television and the Government without any permission of the cocomposer Siavash Beizai.


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