Freiheit für Arya Aramnejad

Published by Elham Sabetiyan on Oct 01, 2010
Category: Human Rights
Region: Iran
Target: Amnesty International, UN , Human Rights Watch, Ban Ki Moon, International Crimes Court
Background (Preamble):

Arya Aramnejad is a 26 year-old Iranian artist, singer and composer. He was arrested for singing his famous song „Ali Barkhiz“ (O Ali raise), composed after the Ashura uprising. He reportedly spent two months of his detention in solitary confinement. The Iranian government has charged him with acting against national security due to releasing the song „Ali Barkhiz“.

During his most recent court hearing, he briefly described some of the physical and psychological tortures he was subjected to in prison. These abuses included being severely beaten upon asking for medical attention for his heart condition, being photographed naked, being forced to walk on floors covered with the blood of a prisoner with AIDS who had committed suicide. Mr. Aramnejad also received death threats from the Iranian revolutionary guards. Mr. Aramnejad’s wife, who has had no political affiliation with any organization, has been threatened with arrest in the event that Mr. Aramnejad refuses to comply with the government’s requests. Mr. Aramnejad has been released on bail and is facing heavy charges by the Iranian officials.


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