Call for protests in Iran on Students Day (16 Azar)

Tehran, Oct. 23 – From the Grapevine…

Pro-democracy activists in the Iranian capital are once again urging people to take part in anti-government protests on 7 December, Iran’s ‚Student Day‘.

In Rah-e Ahan, Azari T-junction and Doulab districts as well as in Azadi Street, in the south and west of Tehran, activists have written new graffiti on the walls targeting Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Political messages on the walls included: „Our slogan is to overthrow the regime. Our honour is 7 December“ and „Khamenei should know, he will be overthrown soon. Our rendezvous is for 7 December“.

On 7 December 1953, three students were shot dead by policemen during a rally against the sacking of nationalist Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh by the Shah. The day has been named Students Day and commemorated on campuses across Iran every year.



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