Cyrus the Great and the Islamist Regime

The ISLAMIST regime has been faced with the rising tide of Iranians searching for their CULTURAL roots and IDENTITY beyond what Islam and Shia can offer.

Three decades of Islamist Theocracy has exponentially increased the awareness of the masses to the HYPOCRISY and CORRUPTION of THEOCRACY.

A century ago Cyrus the Great was unknown in Iran. The only thing connecting us to our roots was Shah-Nameh (The book of kings) which was written two centuries after Arab Islamic conquest of 14 centuries ago. Shah-Nameh has no reference to Cyrus the Great or Hakhamaneshi dynasty.

It was Reza Shah Pahlavi, who for the first time, recognized Cyrus the Great by placing the picture of his tomb on the Iranian currency some 80 years ago. The spark ignited by the Pahlavis has now engulfed the nation whose awareness has risen to the point that has forced the Islamist, anti Iranian culture regime of Mullahs to acknowledge the Great King and founder of Iran.

Try as they must, they can never marry Hakhamaneshi values with the Islamist ones. For one thing, LYING was a PUNISHABLE CRIME under Hakhamaneshi law. Can you imagine such a law implemented by the Islamist regime of lies? AhmadiNejad and Mullahs would be the first ones to go to jail!

In fact this has the exact opposite effect to what the regime wishes to accomplish. I just heard from a young friend in Iran who formally applied to have his name changed from Mohammad to Koorosh (Cyrus).



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