Ayatollah Khomeini Funeral

IRAN: AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI FUNERAL: Hysterical scenes at the funeral of Ayaytollah Khomeini as mourners tear the shroud to pieces and the body has to be airlifted out and buried later.

(Sharp,Peter) NIGHT IRAN TGV Thousands of people at vigil holding candles and Teheran picture of Ayatollah Khomeini CMS Man holding small child and candle CMS Woman in black holding candle beside pictures of Khomeini CMS Candle burning as hand beats chest TILT UP man LS Coffin lying-in-state on high platform MS Ditto AIRV Thousands and thousands of mourners MS Coffin lifted off dias CMS Ahmed Khomeini (Ayatollah’s son) PAN L-R senior members of government MS Government members round coffin TMS SLOMO mass of mourners pressing round ) coffin as people reach forward to try ) IRIB to touch it as it is lifted into ) refrigerated lorry ) TS Mass of mourners walking down road GV Ditto, large poster of Ayatollah with speaker on top MS Column of mourners walking down hillside CMS VOX POPS IRANIAN MAN SOF Behesht BV Mass of mourners beating their heads as water Zahra sprayed on them from above to cool them down Cemetery GV Mass of people with van amongst them TMS Soldiers trying to clear space for helicopter to land TMS Helicopter landing amongst mourners TMS Helicopter as mourners surge forward TS Mass of mourners round body tearing off shroud, his feet seen sticking out of crowd as body carried MS Roof of van crowded with people amongst mass of mourners PULL OUT as coffin almost off the back TMS Helicopter lifts off BV Helicopter flies off (carrying body) TMS Prostrate mourner on ground as another tries to revive him CMS Hysterical mourners CMS Man in red headband shouting amongst other hysterical mourners TMS Coffin carried by many people and lowered into grave amongst sea of people CMS Peter Sharp I/C SOF TX 6.6.89/NAT

Date: 06/06/1989


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