Poll Shows Moussavi Had 59% of the Votes in Qom

As the Supreme Leader’s trip to Qom is coming to an end, I think Borzou Dargahi’s article in the LA Times sums up the trip best. As Borzou descibes, the trip’s purpose was to warn the non-compliant and dissident Ayatollahs that if the boat sinks, they will all go down with it. At the end of the Supreme Leader’s trip, a further damning disclosure of a poll taken shortly before the 2009 disputed elections has also surfaced, which goes to show the depth of discontent and dissent in Iran’s holiest city and the very bedrock of the 1979 Islamic revolution .

The poll was conducted by Qom’s Revolutionary Guards with the help of Information and Surveillance unit of Qom province’s Ali Ibn Abi-Taleb’s 17th Division. The poll sample is based on a 200,000 statistical population and includes a complete representation of Qom’s four districts as well as Qom’s seminary and three surrounding burghs, which the letter claims to have the necessary dispersion and deviation for a reliable valid poll.

The poll results are as follows:

– Mir Hussein Moussavi 59.3%
– Mahmoud Ahamdinejad 23.1%
– Mehdi Karroubi 16.3%
– Mohsen Rezaei 1.3%

Add to this the fear some people may have had when taking part in a poll conducted by the Information and Surveillance unit of the Revolutionary Guards, one can extrapolate the true extent of dissent across Iran’s holiest city and then across the rest of Iran.



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