Plünderung des Volksvermögens durch die Revolutionsgarden

Readers report; looting national wealth by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards von Freedom Messenger – Ghasedane Azadi, Samstag, 6. November 2010 um 17:30
Report received: the right person (1) Camp Commander Commander E’tesami esteem Khatam Vshkhs left Noah (No. 2) Sardar Rustam Ghasemi Khatam is Camp Commander. These two projects are visiting dual propane tanks are on the island of Kharg. Dual propane tank projects by companies that depend on the sea coast to the esteem Noah subset Khatam Camp was in 1385. A company director Mel Sea coast called personal supervision of Sardar Muhammad Ali is due to the inability CEO and management system Corps failed to do this project and was bankrupt Vsdha people who worked there, she Bykarshdnd Vine is a story that in many Country projects happened with the Corps do influence the pre-payments ate Vbkhatraynkh not deserve nor Shu Shu population having Vprsnl projects remained half-time trades Vbykarshdnd stray.

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