Mohammad Nourizad asks forgiveness from the Iranian people from inside Evin prison

November 7, 2010 – Mohammad Nourizad writes a letter to the people of Iran from inside section 350 of Evin prison in which he laments over how shameful it is that so many of Iran’s best and brightest are caged inside prison.  He says that the 150 hi-ranking students, professors, writers, lawyers and professionals who are imprisoned in section 350 would never take pen-to-paper and ask forgiveness from the regime. 

Nourizad goes on to say that the people in prison are not threatening the “national security,” rather, it is Ahmadinejad, the Judiciary, Majlis and the people with the guns.  “They are the ones who should be ashamed.”  He also regretfully says that, ” they are causing so much hatred toward religion.”

In the last paragraph, which is the most meaningful, he seems to be asking forgiveness not only for himself, but for all those that brought failure to the system, and especially those that failed to reform it (reformists) upon the Iranian people.  He says that they gained the Iranian people’s trust, and then plundered their resources, rights and caused so much hatred toward religion.  In the end, he says they have done the Iranian people wrong and they (at least the reformists) regret it. 

The last paragraph is as follows:

All Iranians,

Shame on me that the song of goodness is not with you in today’s world.  Forgive me, us, because we polluted your lives with tricks and lies.  Shame on me, shame on us, forgive me, forgive us.  Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness ( in Arabic).  Oh, all Persians (Iranians), in the name of religion I climbed your wall of trust, we climbed, and gave away your supplies (resources and rights), we did.  In the name of religion, we caused your hatred of religion, we provided.  I beg your forgiveness.  I write you this letter from two steps away from death.  The death that is further from my will is following me.  Since I, we, before the eyes of the worlds wisdom, did unwisely to you, we regret it.  Death for us, and life for you.  The death dance for me, for us, and the life dance for you.            

The world and the future is to your will.




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