Shah of Iran, The Fall of the Great Civilisation by Ayatollah’s lies

Almost all Iranians regret what they did to their kind king. The Shah of Iran, Aryamehr, and his father, Reza Shah, modernized Iran. They saved Iran from dark medieval ages that had been brought by Islam and ignorance. Iran became one of the most popular countries in the world. Many countries described Iran as a roll model and considered Iran as part of the Western world. In the meantime, Mullahs and Islamists were not pleased with the situation. The Shah conferred women equal rights and made his wife Empress of Iran. That further infuriated the Mullahs. As the Shah did not sarve the interest of the West fully, President Carter of USA along with UK, France and W.Germany financed and help the Ayatollah who lived in France. The Ayatollah abused Iranians‘ feelings and called for Islamic revolution. France gave the Ayatollah everything he needed. BBC became the Ayatollah’s speaker. President Carter sent millions of dollar to bank accounts in Frankfort for the Ayatollah. With growing demonstrations and armed troops fighting the Imperial Army, the Shah preferred to leave Iran rather than letting the army kill the deceived people. The days of glory and pride was over. The Shah while suffering from deadly CANCER became homeless as all previously friend counties like UK closed their doors on him. Finally Egypt kindly accepted having the Shahanshah of Iran in 1980.
Ayatollah accused the Shah of destroying and the escaping the country. You Judge!!! The Islamic regime brought poverty, corruption, 8 year war and disgrace to Iran. Now almost ALL Iranians hate the Islamic regime deep in heart and regret what they did to their King. God bless the Shahanshah of Persia.


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