Iran establishes new Bassij organization to counter ’soft war‘

The paramilitary Bassij Organization announced after a session it had on November 11 and November 12 in Mashhad that it has established a new media organization called ‘Bassij Press’ and has elected its founding committee.

In this session, the heads of the Resalat daily, Javan Online and Fars News Agency were chosen as members of the founding board and were tasked with writing the statute of this organization.

Naqdi, a Revolutionary Guards Corps official said in a speech in this session that this ‘media’ was for ‘coordination’ with other media.

He listed some of the activities of this organization as ‘indicating the mentality of the leadership and the Bassij way of thinking, recognizing the enemy, educating Bassij forces and using the Bassij in the media’.

He welcomed the establishment of this new suppressive organization and said, “We all know that the communications of armed forces and the media in our country is an important issue and we have to use this opportunity and it will benefit our power and national security”.



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