GET INVOLVED: Calling to Iranian Students Abroad to Commemorate 16 Azar, Iranian Students Day

Thursday November 18th, 2010 – With Students Day, December 7th (16 Azar) fast approaching, a group of Green students and student activists abroad are calling upon all Iranian students abroad to simultaneously organize gatherings in order to commemorate this important day across the globe.
The student associations are requesting that Iranian students abroad echo the voices of the oppressed students in Iran who have been silenced in their quest for justice using the international arena to organize wide spread activities to commemorate Students Day, defending and highlighting the demands of the student movement in Iran.
According to IranGreenVoice, an online news outlet, the content of the statement by a group of Iranian student associations abroad calling for ceremonies to be organized across the globe on December 7th, 2010 in support of Student Day (16 Azar) is as follows:
We welcome Students Day this year knowing fully well that the universities in Iran remain entrenched in their resistance towards tyranny and authoritarianism. Iran’s student movement remains the principle axis of the conflict between the defenders of liberty and the despotic henchmen in power. Although the universities have endured numerous wounds inflicted upon them by the ruling government, nevertheless, the flame that was lit so long ago in the quest for truth and fostering wisdom and critical thinking continues to burn.
December 7th (16 Azar) symbolizes the plight of students such as Ghandchi, Shariat Razavi and Bozorgnia,  who were killed by the Shah’s forces in 1953. It is a day in which various generations of the student movement come together to defend the autonomy of the universities and foster democracy, freedom, human rights and justice.The student movement, proud of its seven decades of continuous and tireless efforts to promote our nation’s traditions and enlightening our lives, now finds itself facing so many restrictions. Today, students are even denied the basic right to organize and celebrate a day named after those who will be instrumental in building the future of our nation.
 In recent years we have witnessed a daily increase in pressure by the government against peaceful, civil activities within the universities. Students are either arrested on baseless accusations or deprived of an education and suspended from school. The authorities fabricate scenarios as a means to distort the legitimate activities of students and falsely charge them with activities such as involvement in a soft revolution, relationships with so called seditious groups, or connections to foreign forces, depriving them of academic freedom and their fundamental civil rights.
As members of Iranian student associations abroad, it is our duty to echo the voices of the oppressed students in Iran who have been silenced in their quest for justice using the international arena to organize wide spread activities on December 7th, 2010 to commemorate Student Day, defending and highlighting the demands of the student movement in Iran.
We strongly believe that the Iranian students abroad, bear the heavy responsibility of utilizing all avenues to mobilize universities abroad and support and compliment the activities of the student movement in Iran. Improved cooperation among Iranian students and universities abroad can greatly enhance the quality and quantity of Iranian student organizations across the globe. This is essential in revitalizing the Iranian student movement outside the country – one that can become a significant cornerstone in the quest for freedom in Iran.
Let us come together in support of the student movement in Iran and transform this year’s Students Day (16 Azar) into a major milestone and turning point in the efforts of Iran’s students in the recent years. To this end, we propose the following focus for a global campaign in support of Students Day in Iran: 
1.   The unconditional and immediate freedom with dignity of more than seventy imprisoned students.
2.   Abolishing disciplinary committees responsible for the temporary and permanent expulsion of students from their  right to education.
3.   Academic freedom and an end to human and civil rights violations within universities.
4.   An end to ideological, governmental intervention in the research and teachings as related to the field of Humanities.
5.   Defense of the autonomy of universities.
6.   An end to governmental interference in the management of universities.
7.   An end to the widespread dismissal and early retirement of independent university professors and their replacement with less qualified henchmen.
8.   Nullification of the dissolution of Iran’s University of Medical Sciences.
9.   An end to government intervention in the structure and fabric of universities.
10.  An end to political, ideological, sexist and religious discrimination in the student admission process.
11.  Reflection of the views and philosophy of Iran’s student movement in matters pertinent to the country. 
12.  Mobilization of Iranian student associations abroad.
13.  Supporting international sanctions against state officials who have engaged in the systematic human rights abuses and violations against the Iranian people.
Details regarding the exact time and location for Student Days ceremonies in various cities will be announced at a later date. Individuals and students who wish to support this cause may do so by emailing us at or by referring to the following websites:

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