On the Eve of Islamic Holidays Security Forces Once Again Restrict Access to Mehdi Karroubi’s Residence

Monday November 22nd 2010 – Security forces once again prevent people from entering Mehdi Karroubi’s residence today. 
As per Saham News, similar to their presence on Eid Fitr [a three-day Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan], security forces were once again present outside Mehdi Karroubi’s residence starting on Eid Ghorban and up to this morning, preventing relatives and friends from visiting with him during a period of Islamic holidays. It is worth mentioning this new incident is a continuation of restrictions on Karroubi’s residence in the past several months which have included preventing friends and family members, the families of Martyrs Bakeri and Hemat and prominent religious figures such as Ayatollah Bayat from entering his complex.

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