Student Activists In Iran Call For Nationwide University Strikes Commemorating Students Day, 16 Azar

Saturday November 20th, 2010 – As we approach Students Day, December 7th (16 Azar), a group of Iranian university students issued a statement calling for a nationwide, 3 day strike at all universities on December 6th, December 7th and December 8th 2010.  (15, 16 & 17 Azar)

According to Jaras, in their statement the students state: „In the past year we have witnessed incidents such as street protests in which our citizens were massacred, the scandal at Kahrizak prison, the brutal attack on the Tehran University dormitories, forced confessions of activists in prison, the arrest and imprisonment of thousands of innocent individuals, indiscriminate executions of individuals and thousands of other illicit acts, all in violation of our nation’s laws.“ They call upon all student organizations and associations to participate in a nationwide strike by students in order to ensure that the roar for freedom is heard by the oppressors and freedom seekers across the globe.
The statement includes: „We ask all those who read this statement to support us in the dissemination of the information provided through their websites, blogs and social networks, within the universities and student dormitories.“ 
The student activists from across a variety of universities in Tehran also stated that details regarding the strike will be provided at a further date. It is worth mentioning that with the arrival of Students Day (16 Azar) a number of students activists and students abroad also published a statement calling upon all Iranian students around the world to organize simultaneous ceremonies commemorating Students Day across the globe.

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