Security forces prevent Mousavi from attending mourning ceremony of close relative

GVF — The leader of Iran’s opposition Green Movement, Mir Hossein Mousavi, has once again been prevented by security forces to attend a mourning ceremony held for a deceased relative.

According to Mousavi’s official website Kaleme, the former Prime Minister had been planning to attend a memorial service of a recently deceased relative when he was barred from going to the mosque where the ceremony was being held. It’s been reported that the deceased relative is (Haj) Bahram Salimi, the father-in-law of one of Mousavi’s daughters. Salimi was also the father of three martyrs of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war.

The report also adds that the ceremony was held under tight security control and that the presence of plain-clothed militia and security forces was also felt during the event. According to Kaleme, Mousavi’s name was omitted from a list of friends and war-veterans who had planned to publish their offer of condolence in newspapers. Many believe that this is yet another sign of just how fearful Iranian authorities are of any form of public appearance by opposition figures. 

Kaleme added that the most recent action taken against Mousavi “contradicts” numerous claims by “various officials in recent months, that have spoken about the end of the Green Movement and an end to Mir Hossein Mousavi’s influence” on the movement.

Last week, Mousavi released a statement addressing three millions Iranian students across the country, warning Green Movement supporters against „staged disturbances“ by Iranian authorities in the lead-up to the National Student Day on 7 December.



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