Regime in Iran increases pressure and control over Universities in Iran

Basij forces in the Science and Industry University in Tehran have established a movement called the ‘Shame’ Movement, which is aimed at carrying out suppressive measures and putting pressure on students under the pretext of enforcing the mandatory veil and countering immorality. Under this new plan, Bassij students put pressure on their classmates and the Protection Department has given these students the mandate to deal with their classmates.

Also at the Science and Industry University, 46 freshmen and senior students have been suspended for one semester because they went on a group outing with the opposite sex. 

Ahead of Students Day, the Protection Department of Tehran University has installed closed circuit security cameras in many buildings of this university. These cameras have been installed outside the Technical School, the main entrance of this university and outside of the School of Arts among other places.

According to reports from the School of Electronics in the Khaje Nasir University in Tehran, internet speed has been decreased since November 15 and it has been lowered to 16 kilobytes. 

A student in the Firouz Kouh Unit of the Free University reported that the Protection Department has stepped up its control on the main entrance of this university which sometimes leads to clashes between students and these forces. Female students are harassed more than others over issues like the veil and their clothes. 


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