Security forces gearing up for 16 Azar in Tehran

According to reports, in streets of Enghelab, Mosadegh, ValiAsr, Tehran University, Imam Hossein sq. and Azadi Sq., Security and intelligence forces have been organized and settled.

At nights in the Karaj Highway entrance where they receive the duty, detection stations have been setup. Cars and passengers are being searched.

Recently, because of an increase in slogan writings in metro stations, a presence of guards are being observed.

According to news on Saturday night 35 members of the police force gathered in the middle of Vanak Square.

On the morning of November 30, two bikers who were riding on motorcycles without license plates were patrolling the streets and maneuvered around cars in the Sadr Highway and stopped cars they deemed suspicious to search the car and its passengers. In the past few days, security force patrols have started patrols in Tehran Pars and a large number of them have been stationed on streets.

Many of the Universities are seeing an increase of police patrols around the Universities  and some are beginning to have officers stationed at the main entrance in an attempt to intmidate students ahead of 16 Azar.

In the past few days, metal rails were put in front of Tehran University parallel to Enqelab Street which made it impossible to go from the sidewalk into the street and vice versa.  Also, the Iranian regime has changed all the security cameras in front of Tehran University and has installed smaller more powerful cameras. These cameras can zoom into faces 500 meters away. According to this report, on Saturday at about 10:30 am, there was a joint session between the Tehran University Protection Department and the intelligence agency.

A statement by the Tehran University management was put up in Tehran University board which said that no demonstrations and gathering will be held inside and outside of Tehran University.  And also, a statement by a pro-regime committee has been put up everywhere in Tehran University which threatens those who participate in the gatherings of ‘the head of the seditions’ will be severely dealt with.

Intelligence agents equipped with cameras, laptops and other intelligence equipment for recording information and street interrogations have been stationed in special black cars in Keshavarz Blvd, Baharestan Metro, Imam Hossein Metro, Vanak Square, Mosadeq Street between Jomhouri and Vali Asr Square, Tehran University dormitories and outside of the Arts, and Amir Kabir universities. These agents stop passersby under false excuses and interrogate and search them.



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