Iranian Students Call For Protests On Student Day, Dec 7th

November 20th, 2010 – As Students Day in Iran approaches, December 7th (16 Azar), a group of Iranian university students issued a statement calling for a nationwide, 3 day strike at all universities on December 6th, December 7th and December 8th 2010.  (15, 16 & 17 Azar)

According to Jaras, in their statement the students state: “In the past year we have witnessed incidents such as street protests in which our citizens were massacred, the scandal at Kahrizak prison, the brutal attack on the Tehran University dormitories, forced confessions of activists in prison, the arrest and imprisonment of thousands of innocent individuals, indiscriminate executions of individuals and thousands of other illicit acts, all in violation of our nation’s laws.” They call upon all student organizations and associations to participate in a nationwide strike by students in order to ensure that the roar for freedom is heard by the oppressors and freedom seekers across the globe.

The statement includes: “We ask all those who read this statement to support us in the dissemination of the information provided through their websites, blogs and social networks, within the universities and student dormitories.”

The student activists from across a variety of universities in Tehran also stated that details regarding the strike will be provided at a further date. It is worth mentioning that with the arrival of Students Day (16 Azar) a number of students activists and students abroad also published a statement calling upon all Iranian students around the world to organize simultaneous ceremonies commemorating Students Day across the globe.


Students of Amir Kabir University: “We Will Destroy Tyranny”

The Islamic Organization of Students of Amir Kabir University by issuing an invitation called on all students across the country to attend the protests on National Students Day (December 7) and chant “University is Alive”. In their statement, the students of this university also call the civil movement of Iranian people and especially the students’ movement vital for the future of the country and add that the students’ movement is “a thorn in the eye of the tyranny” and ask the students to continue the path.


Students of Azad University Call for Student Day Demonstrations

Students of Azad University (Central Tehran Branch) on the eve of the National Student Day (December 7) issued a statement and called on their fellow classmates to participate in protests against tyranny and oppression. In part of their statement students of Azad University write: “We will never forget the destructive echo of the steps of tyranny and as it has been the tradition of resistance, we have stood against tyranny and will stand against it.”


Students of Tehran University On Dec 7th: “The Symbol of Resistance and Solidarity of All Students”

The Islamic Association of Democratic Students of Tehran University and Tehran Medical School by issuing a statement on the eve of the National Student Day (December 7) called this day “the symbol of resistance and solidarity of all students”. In this statement the student called on their fellow classmates to participate on the protests on the National Student Day and demand their violated rights also warned the totalitarians to stop the brutality and oppression against the children of the nation.


Students of Babol University To Honor Student Day, Protest Unjust Imprisonment of Colleagues

Islamic Association of Students of Babol University (North of Iran) by issuing a statement on the eve of the National Student Day (December 7) called on their fellow classmates to honor this day and protest to the unjust imprisonment of the fellow colleagues. In this statement students of Babol University demanded the immediate released of their fellow classmates and addressed to the totalitarians wrote: “Release our fellow classmates that these cruel treatments of you against us will do no good for you but to add to the flames of the fire which will burn you. Don’t want that this fire beneath the ash to burst as you very well know that if the Damavand (a volcano in north of Iran) wakes up, it will have no mercy on you.”


Students of Qazvin International University Distribute Publications Calling for Demo’s

On the eve of 16 Azar, Students Day a group of students at Qazvin International University began distributing the following Green publications “Daneshjoo”, “Etemad Meli” & Kaleme throughout campus; this despite the fact that students have been under extreme pressure both by security forces and the university’s disciplinary office over the past two years.

As reported by Daneshjoo News, the publication and wide distribution of Green publications in both the women and men’s dormitories is an invitation to all students to attend the campus wide demonstrations planned for Students Day, 16 Azar.  Currently more than 15 students at Qazvin University have been deprived of an education and many have been unable to take their final exams due to suspensions and expulsions. As per the head of the university, these students are not allowed to enter campus.

It is worth mentioning that as a result of the extensive efforts by students to inform everyone regarding the activities planned for 16 Azar, Students Day, some students and their families have received threatening and insulting phone calls at home.

Students of Alameh University Call for Protest on Dec 7th

Students of Alameh Tabatabaei University released a statement for the anniversary of National Students Day (December 7) calling for demonstrations and warned “the agents of tyranny in the university” to “stop adding further disgust of the students and professors of this university to your names in the history of this university.”

Students of Khajeh Nasir University Vow to Stand Until Release of Milad Asadi, “The Pride And Dignity of  Khajeh

The students of Khajeh Nasir University issued a statement for the anniversary of National Students Day (December 7) and the illegal arrest of Milad Asadi, one of the student activists of this university, who has been sentenced to seven years of prison. In their statement, the students have renewed their vows to stand until the release of “Milad Asadi, the pride and dignity of Khajeh Nasir Univeristy” and to fight “until the last breath to destroy religious tyranny and to wipe out the fascistic interpretations of the religion”. The students also assure that they will destroy the palace of tyranny.


Students of Elm o Sanat University Distribute Posters of Martyr Kianoosh Asa Before Student Day

Distribution of Martyr Kianosh Aasa’s posters on the eve of National Students Day (December 7). By the approach of National Students Day, a group of Green students of Elm o Sanat University distributed posters of Green Martyr Kianosh Aasa and invitations for the commemoration of National Students Day by attendingthe protests on that day, which were well-received by the students.



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