Zum Gedenken aufgerufen ?

Eilmeldung: Mousavi fordert in einem Brief die Menschen an Ashura zu Versammlungen auf, um der Opfer des letzten Jahres zu gedenken

Mir Hossein Mousavi in a note for the arrival of the month of Moharram in which Imam Hossein –  Shia’s third Imam – was brutally martyred in an unjust battle by the tyrant ruler of the time – while reviewing the philosophy of Imam Hossein’s movement stated: “Hossein (peace be upon him) rose when he saw the outcomes of his ancestors’ movements in dangers of totalitarians and power mongers tornados. Hossein (peace be upon him) knew that in this path what a great hardships would be waiting him: the hired clerics would accuse him of being diverted from religion and planning sedation.”

 In this note Mir Hossein Mousavi starssed: “These days Religion and practicing religion are going through hard times”. He added: “The foundations for rejecting religion is extended when the religion that is being advertised is violating the most fundamental moral principles such as honestly and avoiding lies.”

 Mousavi then asked this question: “In these conditions how can youth identify that all these oppressions, violence and haters that are being assertively presented as Islam by those having the officials platforms, have nothing to do with Islam?!”

 Mir Hossein Mousavi then addressed to his “Fellow Green Companions” said:  “In these critical times, let us take action as Zeynab (sister of Imam Hossein who after the martyrdom of his brother and while was taken as a prisoner of war did not keep silence and unveiled the facts) did and give the true message of religion with its spiritual face to those who are thirsty for truth. It is our responsibility to learn and teach others that the false claims of those pretending to be religious should not be considered as what the religion truly is; it is our responsibility to tell the true story of the revolution for the generation that whatever knows is either via distorting media or via those narrative it while have been against it; and in this telling the facts we should not be afraid from fairly criticizing the past and at the same time we should avoid denying its great achievements.”

 Mousavi at the end suggested to his fellow Green Companions to participate in the mourning ceremonies for Imam Hossein in the month of Moharram and while honoring the philosophy of freedom and justice seeking nature of Imam Hossein’s movement, preserve the traditional religious and social communities.


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