Exclusive: Shocking story from 2009 ashora: Norwegian student Was forced to watch the mass killing in Iran

Norwegian student was arrested and kidnapped by militia in Iran
– Was forced to watch the mass killing

This interview was give to the Norwegian news paper, VG for the first time after the leaking report from Wikileaks!!!

The Norwegian students (26) tells us that he was forced to look at mass murder and torture of demonstrators, carried out by Iranian militia, during the uprising in Tehran last year.

– The only thing I managed to eventually thought of was when they would start with me and how I was going to die, says the ethnic Norwegian art student to VG.

His story is reproduced in a document in Wikileaks base, where the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, recounting the testimony they have received from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

Therefore, the Norwegian student agreed to give his first interview with the media about what he experienced 27 December last year, when he was arrested and transported to an intersection in central Tehran.

– As protesters die

– I was an eyewitness to the fact that three people were killed by militsiaen. I also had to watch a bus full of people were burned, “says the now 27-year-old Norwegian man.

Foreign Ministry protested against the recent treatment of the student to the Iranian embassy in Oslo.

It appears from a document in Wikileaks base as VG has been granted access. In a document that the U.S. Embassy in Oslo sent home to Washington, says that the Foreign Ministry considered his account credible, and the whole incident as “a testament to institutionalized perversion of Iran.”

Art students have also told her story to Amnesty in Norway, which published parts of it in a critical report on Iran this summer. The Amnesty report is the student named as “Lars”.
To VG clutching him also on his anonymity, for the sake of their own safety.

Guest Student

“Lars”, says that he was a guest student at a university in Tehran from November last year.

27 December, on the religious holy day of Ashura, the demonstrations had earlier in the autumn flared up again. “Lars” set in a public bus in downtown Tehran, when the driver stopped to pick up three female protesters, presumably to rescue them to safety.

Seconds later, slammed into the windshield.

– The bus was stormed by militia from the paramilitary Basij force, which turned loose on the passengers with iron rods and batons. The blood flowed. As a foreigner, I was forced out of the bus, “he said.

“Lars” got a hood over his head and was placed between two paramilitaries on a motorcycle who drove at high speed from the scene. When the cap was taken off, was “Lars” in an intersection where militiamen and demonstrators had bumped together.

– Square was full of militia, and was obviously a place where they brought prisoners to. There were also demonstrations in the vicinity. Garbage cans on fire and it was hurled Molotov cocktails, “he says.

– Stabbed in stomach

A person with a ski mask, such as “Lars” perceived as a commander, handed control of his militia to younger members. He was placed on one of the pillars of a road bridge over the street crossing.

– Three persons were taken prisoner, were followed up to me. They were laid down in front of me. One of the militias held my face firmly and said “here you should see how we treat the enemies of Allah”, and then stretching the legs out and smashed kneecaps on one of the demonstrators with batons. Another of them, a woman was stabbed in the stomach drawn, he says.

At one point, “Lars” aware of the burning bus. He says he does not know who had set it on fire, but it was quickly fixed.

– There was a minibus full of people, I have no idea how many. But one person managed to escape through a window. With full guy in the clothes the person tried to escape but was shot and fell, “he says.

So many die

At one point, someone enters a hood over his head again. In those minutes he perceives the sound of screams and cries for help, and the smell of burning human beings.

– It’s hard for me to set the time it happened, and the order in it. I was so scared that I lost the concept of time, “he said.

“Lars”, says that he also witnessed two murders: one was a woman who was run over and got his head crushed by a military vehicle. The other was a young boy:

– He was standing inside the wall of the house and shouted “death to dictator” in Persian. When driving a car with kufanger against him and pushed him against the wall of the house, stepped back and crushed the boy against the wall. He collapsed on the bonnet.

“Lars” estimates that his militia’s capture of about three hours, before the commander came back, checked his identity papers, went through the pictures on his camera and waved him away with a brief order: “Go!”.

– They had no case on me, except that I had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. It would also lead to problems for them if something had happened to me, as a foreigner, “said 27-year-old.

– They had my passport

And “Lars” went as fast as he could, away from the outdoor torture chamber. The same evening he called the Norwegian embassy’s emergency number, but was told that the embassy was closed until 2 January.

The day he went to the embassy, told his story, and asked for help to escape the country.

– My passport was with the Iranian authorities, so I could not just leave the country. I was terrified the next few weeks, hardly slept at night, and was lying fully dressed on the bed.

In a country like Iran, it is dangerous to talk about the episodes that the “Lars” was witnessed.

– I could not talk to anyone about what had happened. We understand that the only option is to play the role of that everything is normal, and try to live as usual. During this period, I could barely keep myself afloat, I just had to put away the memories in a drawer, “he said.

In late January, he got the passport back, and took over Vienna and Copenhagen to Oslo. Then he broke completely together.

– A credible story

The same day as “Lars” was arrested in Iran, the Iranian consul jump in Oslo, Mohammed Reza Heydari, of political and sought asylum in Norway.

– I reacted so strongly to the Ministry’s very cautious reaction to avhoppingen that I contacted the ministry to give them my version of the regime’s brutality.

He does not want that VG will describe his situation after his return from Iran in January – except that he has had a very traumatic period and that he has been using to process the experience and aftereffects.

General Secretary Baber of Amnesty Norway has even talked to “Lars”.

– We attach the highest degree of trust in what he says. It coincides with things that happened that day, and we also know that the type of events have occurred, we have from multiple sources. He even seems very credible with its history, “said Irene Khan told VG.

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