Mohtashami: Iran’s Fraudulent Vote En Transcript

The reason for the participation of the people in this election was the presence of the esteemed Mir-Hossein Mousavi and his candidacy on the one hand, which is reminiscent of his excellent era of management over an 8 year period and his defense during Imam Khomeini’s lifetime; and then on the other hand, the formation of the committee to protect the people’s vote during this period, which was the reason for the trust of the people for their direct and momentous intervention and the influence that their vote had on the nation’s political fate.
Unfortunately, the administrators, the Ministry of the Interior and various other influential people by making the situation appear quite the reverse of the people’s vote, claimed the winner of the elections to be someone else and forced this injustice and vulgarity onto the rights of the people. The winner, Mr. Ahmadinejad himself, with fervor took to celebrating and merriment in Vali-Asr Square, while the dust of a nebulous sorrow appeared on the face of the people of Iran, throughout the country from every city to every village, at the announcement of such an improbable occurrence…which can still be seen even on their faces…these gentlemen are still celebrating.
This events that took place that day in Vali-Asr Square and the insult that the sitting president paid to the people is unprecedented in the history of all countries and the authorities of countries. No head of a state, king or president insults people in this manner. And the people who peacefully marched, the following day, gathering on Azadi Square were insulted them by calling them dirt and dregs.
They attacked the university and the campus; they dragged our sister and brother students through blood and sand.
And now, I’d like to share with you a report based on a conference which we held with the Guardian Council.
Then in green, the names and date of the conference appears which reads:
Those present at the conference which took place on Tuesday, the 26th of Khordaad, 1388 (June 16th, 2009)
Mr. Gholam-Hossein Karbaaschi: Mr. Karoubi’s representative
Mr. Danesh Jafari: Mr. Mohsen Rezaei’s representative
Mr. Abbass Akhoondi and Mr. Ali Owsat-Hashemi: from the Committee to protect Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s electorate
…During this conference, the spokesman for the Guardian Council announced that the elections in fact took place and people did turn out in abundance. According to the law, if either the candidates or the people have any complaints, they should make their case by providing proof, so that the Guardian Council which transcends issues, can study them, so that in legal due time, it can pronounce it’s conclusions. I was the first speaker and of course the things that were imparted during those 3 and a half hours were almost complementary to each other. Here, now, I will give you, in a nutshell our positions in the conference and the issues that were deconstructed for the Guardian Council, in proving the voidance of this terms elections.


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