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Mousavi aid: ’no plan to call off 14 February demonstrations‘



GVF — A senior advisor to opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi has said that calls for protests by Mousavi and fellow Green Movement leader Mahdi Karroubi are “serious” and that “there are no plans to call off” the planned march on 14 February.

As opposition groups and factions in Iran gear up for a march of solidarity with the people of Tunisia and Egypt on 14 February, Ardeshir Amir-Arjomand, a senior aid to opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi has told the German news channel Deutsche Welle, that plans to hold the rally were “serious.”

Amir-Arjomandi who headed Mousavi’s legal committee during the 2009 presidential election, argued that recent freedom and pro-democracy movements in Iran and the Arab World had a mutual impact on each other. “The impact of freedom-seeking and anti-dictatorial movements on each other is mutual. Just as the experience of the Green Movement, the broadcast of news and pictures from the people’s will and the tyrants’ treatment of the people in Iran had an impact on the seekers of freedom in Egypt and Tunisia, the movements of the region also tend to have an effect on us too.”

In a joint letter to Ahmadinejad’s Interior Ministry, Mousavi and Karroubi who have spearheaded Iran’s Green Movement since June 2009, made a formal request for authorisation to hold demonstrations on 14 February to support the revolts in the Arab World. The planned march is to take place between Azadi and Imam Hossein Squares in Tehran at 3pm, with the time and place of the march reminiscent of the unforgettable march of millions of Iranians on the same route on 15 June 2009.

Amir-Arjomandi said that the opposition leaders’ call for public demonstrations on 14 February was both “legal and responsible.” “The state is responsible for guaranteeing the safety of protesters and for this reason, [Mousavi and Karroubi] have done something both legal and responsible and I hope that the regime will also carry out its own responsibility.”

Amir-Arjomandi who is currently based in Europe, told DW, “We are not concerned about the people’s level of maturity, instead our concern is the state’s level-headedness; because the people showed their capacities through holding peaceful demonstrations on 15 June [2009]. Does the state have enough sense to accept the demands of the people and to listen to their peaceful opposition without turning these demands into violent and blind actions?”

Drawing parallels betweern the dictatorships in Egypt and Iran, Amir-Arjomandi added, “in the same way that seekers of freedom follow similar rules and guidelines in the path towards freedom and democracy, dictators employ similar principles and methods in order to stay [in power] and suppress freedom-seekers.”

“Running over protesters using state-owned vehicles began in Vali-Asr Square [in Tehran], and was re-enacted in Al-Tahrir square [in Cairo], the mobilisation of thugs for attacking protesting citizens began in Tehran and was extended to Cairo,” he said, adding “the attitude of Iran’s Pharaoh is more terrifying and immoral than the Pharaoh of Egypt, because he has used religion to suppress and has utilised it as a tool.”

Responding to regime claims that the Green Movement was already “dead,” the top advisor to Iran’s last prime minister asked, “haven’t they said that the Green Movement has been dead for a while now? Don’t they say that they are supportive of the people who have risen against dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt? They can put their honesty and the soundness of their claims to the test by issuing a permit for the demonstration [on 14 February] so that it will become clear which side has been truthful in their defence of protesters against dictatorship, and to what extent the claims about the Green Movement’s ‘death’ are factual?”

“If you claim that you have tamed the Green Movement, then why do you speak of this ‘sedition’ day after day? If the ‘sedition’ is dead, then why do you speak about something that’s already dead, and why are you afraid and concerned about the smallest of movements?”Amir-Arjomandi asked. “Sedition” is the term authorities usually use when referring to the Green Movement.

“If the ‘sedition’ is dead, then why is there no end in sight for your arrest



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