Syrien: Beginn der Proteste 15.März 2011

A Statement From The Young Syrian Forces & Activists – Syria.
Written in 1th of Feb.
A Joint statement between all young forces in Syria and all activists Inside & Outside.

We write this message and statement to our people in Syria, For our strong and courageous young people, And last but not least to lawyers, journalists & all activistes in all media types. We see the Folowing changes that are happening in our Arab countries, We see that it’s our time as Syrians to fight for our freedom in Syria.

Our country has a special indulgence of ethnic, political and religious groups, And therefore, Syria is one of the leading countries that have the opportunities now for a better medern country. For our people, You have the qualities that help you fight for your freedom, you are ambitious, Mature and educated people. Therefore, We will have to go out and demonstrate peacefully, All the syrians shades have agreed on this statement.

We announc that we are going to protest for our Freedom in Syra.
We are all as activists had decided to call it “Syrian Days Of Anger ”, And It’s going to start immediately after Mubarak Go Down. The reason is that the Syrian government is taking an advantage of the media because all people & activists are looking on Egypt. We want syria to take a full media coverage. We have Syrians that support us outside and also going to protest in front of main global Syrian Embassies In:
Canada, USA, UK, Austraila, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark & Sweden.

Thousends of confirmed protesters are going to be there. The main goal for protesting outside is to encourege All Syrians inside to break the illusion of the fear they used to live by Bashar alasad.

Support us even if you are not Syrian & Spread the word everywhere as you could.

Our Demands are:

1. Suspend all the emergency laws in Syria. And convert the nation to a modern civilian country.

2. A modulation in the main constitution that Guarantees a transition to a pluralistic democratic country .

3. Immediate Cancellation of the theory of one-governing-party.

4. A formation of a national government that reflects the different shades to achieve all the demands of our people.

5. Make a free and fair elections to the parliament in which includes all the races of the Syrian people.

6. Prosecute who done all of the massacres against the Syrian people in the past.

7. General amnesty for all the prisoners of conscience and political views.

8. The eradication of poverty and unemployment in the Syrian community.

9. Lifting the ban on all media types and the Internet. To allow all the partisan and political forums to express their views freely.

Young Syrian forces and activists – Syria.



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