Iran: 10 Esfand (01.März 2011) Revolution geht weiter …

10 Esfand (01. März 2011) Live ...


Ein weiter erfolgreicher Tag im Iran.

Beende den Live-blog

Iran: Letzte Meldung .

8.20pm 30,000 soccer fans that turned up at Azadi Stadium going into the city gradually.


8.15pm Epersianradio report 1 death today from protests in Iran


8.00pm  Reports: A big banner of Khamenei has been set on fire at Sadeghie Street


7.50pm Iran: BBC, eyewitness claims that protsters have taken control of Abiwardi Ave. in Tehran.


1605 GMT: There are reports of protests near Jamalzadeh Avenue in Tehran.

All sources so far are reporting that the scale of these protests is impressive. The regime does not think so. State run news networks are reporting that people are shopping for Persian New Year. A friend makes this joke, “Death to the dictator must be the newest piece of Haft Seen.”

It’s the economy, stupid –  An eyewitness described growing discontent and a heavy security presence in the city of Ahwaz, where people are upset about the rising cost of gas, made worse by the cutback in government subsidies.


7.25pm Tehran Ppl set 2 police vans on fir



7.20pm  It seems like today 10 Esfand protest in Iran is greater than 1 Esfand n even 25 Bahman. Keep marching


7.20pm Reports of Plaincloths & Basijis overrun by protesters. Security Forces use of teargas not working.


7.15pm Unleashed Basiji are scared to death, crowd is getting bigger


6.30pm IRGC counterinsurgency forces have got the control, streets are jammed, Crowd moving toward Enqelab & Azadi sq


6.30pm G-man epersianradio: TO BE CONFIRMED, reports that Mousavi has been hospitalised  NOT CONFIRMED!!!!!


6.20pm People are going towards Heshmatieh prison where Karroubi & Moussavi are thought to be held


6.00pm BBC: with fake jam in Resalat street in Tehran ppl trying to stop sec. forces & anti riot police


5.50pm G-man: estimation of around 500 000 ppl protesting throughout Tehran


5.35pm Report: „Promising. Explosive atmosphere. Ppl flooding streets.“


5.20pm Oil on the asphalt today -> Basij bike on the ground

5.10pm Report of Basijis throwing away riot gear, leaving their posts at Vanak.


5.05pm 1000 Protersters Gathered in Karimkhan, Still No Sign of Police

Our sources 1000s gathered in the dist Enghelab &Keshavarz .Gov offices all closed more ppl joining. Bsij moving around


4.55pm People Trying to Gather in Charbagh e Bala Avenue in Isfehan


4.50pm Iran: Some reports that protesters have started to gather near Karim Khan Bridge and Vesal Avenue in Tehran.


 4.45pm Eram street in the city of Shiraz is crowded. A few security vans are also parked


4.28pm Vali-e Asr Square getting crowded. Full of Anti Riot forces.


4.20pm A lot of unconfirmed protests being reported in Tehran


4.15pm According to various srcs ppl are beginning to go out in the streets of Tehran for the 10 Esfand planned rally against the regime


4.10pm Saeed Ghaemmaghami (G-man) is covering 10 Esfand NOW on


4.1pm Protests at Resalat Sq. Tehran. Basijis & police caught off guard by masses.


Reports: PPL Trying to Gather in Motahari (Takht e Tavos) St


3.30pm Iran: Got at least one confirmation from a source in Tehran that protesters are starting to walk out of their houses

  In side streets near Motahari-ValiAsr a group of ppl chanting “ Death to Dictator“


It’s noon,Tehran time.Official start of today’s rallies at 5pm

 From tehran now „so many, so many ppl have decided to come out today“

Students of 18 Units of Azad University support (Fa)


2 Responses to Iran: 10 Esfand (01.März 2011) Revolution geht weiter …

  1. calvin كافر says:

    Ich danke Dir für die unentwegte Berichterstattung und die laufenden Updates über die Situation im Iran.

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