13 Aban uprising anniversary with demonstrations and protests taking their dear

University dormitory.

Thirteenth day of November, the day the student is 87 years rule of the day to display it Goofy usurper to advance his political purposes and of course he was converted to the ceremony 87 years, apart from the protests was formed to gather, whistles and blind Yi and no content appeared to end. But in the uprising commemorated 88 years ie 13 Aban was also present and other air, just like 16 December and the other occasion, here it is necessary to recall that the uprising last year in addition to Tehran In 18 cities of Iran, held a brief report be given and inspired widespread and pervasive uprising last year for the big day itself, we prepared: The reality was different from the protests as a protest protests that were unique to young country, with Previous protests in enthusiasm for liberation and its slogans were changed and the circuit resistance and chanting „Down with Khamenei Khamenei and Illegitimate murder, entered a new phase of seeking the right to resist the Iranian nation and the young country and we in particular women and young student and the student showed to the world debate over changing the integrity of this system and not another. In short, Tehran has been the situation as follows: in most regions and the main streets of Tehran, the protests began Sbkh 9.5 hours continued until at 7 pm. After the people cry Allahu Akbar protests in different areas on the back roofs Tehran chanted. According to the radical slogans of the youth and women, repressive forces were extremely wild and attacking people and they were the attacked, but rather remarkable that People can retreat, youth chanted: „What was what, the mobilization was wild!“ And with the slogan „Do not be afraid, afraid we are all together“, and chanted together again. Positive point of this protest movement was widespread fear in the hearts of women and youth Brbsth bed and even the mercenaries attacked them back and Batvmhay Myrandnd agents took from their hands. The first demonstration was extremely frightened mercenaries and direct confrontation with the young people present were not democratic country. And curse them with force commanders and the state lost the spirit of women and young students and student shot and threw tear gas. Also in places with hot water and sprinkler machines were attacking the people. The massive protests that a turning point in the fight against the system was divorced province, about 400 people in the cities of Tehran and 300 people (according to reports received) were arrested.

Statistics injured at least 700 people in Tehran and 150 cities were reported by friends. The statistics we have received from the hospital, be sure the number was several times, but many did not go to hospital for fear .- suppressive forces students to go door to protest protests Tehran University and Sharif University was closed. Hundreds of doors in front of Tehran University Police Ned was lining up and did not let out to students. Students Tehran University campus university the same time chanting anti-government protests and had the front door and then exit Srdrb University chanted. Myprydnd university students, the fence and were out of the University to camping great people who chanted away to join the University walls.

– From 10 am thousands Street Taleghani with chant Brdyktatvr the U.S. embassy move were .- Square 7 July from 10 am suppressive forces tear gas beat and trying to disperse the people were. But people chanting „Brdyktatvr applied Vaystadgy lived. Az·hmyn hours Square people fire had to tear gas to neutralize. All streets north leading to field 7 July and Karim Khan filled with population and suppressive forces tried this population to the other connected not. (mercenaries did not want droplets to join together to joining the eye witnessed the creation of raging river not they know that Cho N. milestone collective cry of freedom that gives the head) .- Drsat 1030 Revolution Street, across from Ferdowsi Square revolution to have taken people and police to Ramjbvr have retreated. Girls ahead boys ranks were closed that they too hit to inflict .- of time in 1045 fired the people Street, Abbas Abad Square 7 July and alleys minor leading to field 7 July began and people were injured .- people cap their homes to protesters allowed to open so people can take refuge there .- mercenaries for people to seek refuge in shops Nbrnd Avenue stores and Revolution Square Revolution Square and the July 7 morning hours was closed in 1100 .- vice Farahani Street severe conflict between the repressive forces and the number Many people were created. Repressive forces, tear gas and beat people with batons attacked applied. People with stones against them were resistant and were self-defense. This was the first time that fighting face formed and this was causing panic agents .- Azvly era security forces against the people could not stand up. Drakhtyarmrdm was the Peacock Throne in 1100 .- All the streets around the clock Taleghani was full of people and populations to the extent that there was no possibility to deal with people, suppressive forces Brmvtvr ride along the streets with batons were deployed to disperse some involvement occurs. but were not willing to come to the youth gathered in St .- Drsat 1200 revolution repressive forces balls plastic side of the people shot were the people that cause injury. This was red balls that were hit when he was red like blood was hit instead. Motahari Street .- shot pellets have a conflict of time in 1400 but the field was drawn era and the people of Drdsth 4-5 thousand people were moving and chanting applied against Khamenei. Qualitative point of population movements had also worked with Yara and no one had to deal with it. Yes River Rafting movement had begun .- Drsat 1400 north field, 7 July at the hands of the people and the southern part it seized the police forces and together fought. People sidewalks toward officials launch would plague suppressive forces Horn to horn, and they gave an account of the scourge. such a manner that the final withdrawal of officials and they began to encourage all people were in the street .- Karimkhan, more of the agents wanted to kill the girl but because of brave resistance and the girl screams, the agents They strike fear into people, girl leave and had abandoned the place in time .- 1615 people in the street and Asr Asr Square, Karim Khan, 7 July Motahhari the field and the crowd are chanting Drhrkt dictator. / Khamenei Illegitimate murder / Khamenei Let shame were the monarchy and repressive officials were involved. July 7 The Square crowd had gathered. The accumulation of air to this dark streets .- Street continued freedom and liberty and Sadeghiyeh field and … Escape war between the people and government forces continued to air in darkness. Tehran was like a war scene .- Sharif University of the University towards its march toward the crowd to move joined. People are chanting in the streets Karimkhan student is in jail or killed in the field. In all the streets around Taleghani to levels filled with huge population and the population to the extent that there is no possibility to deal with people at the station Mofatteh hours .- 2030: When People in subway stations were implemented Mofatteh with slogans written on it was the „leader of a nerveless. Hear the voice of the nation“ that was carried in the hands of young people, facing one of the members said: „God damn you, Khamenei .. . It also kicks your photograph mine … we saw a blind man who’ll be 60 years old ?!!“- poor in Vali Asr Street vs. revolutionary move Nmykhvrm standing here I said our country we are the majority, or force you to go wild a young boy dressed in black Batvn played with the girl threw herself in front of him and saved him. Many young fearless Guards were involved. in Tehran, told friends: Today more than ever ate batons and tear gas inhalation hours but we stopped and the resistance for us was very sweet and Angyzanndh. Friends from around the country about the environment in cities 13 October, which sent several reports to the brief mention of it we: in all the towns where protests took the form elements of the regime were attacked people with batons and were beaten and had people try to Drmtfrq But people still die Brdyktatvr slogans and … Applied. Drbzy cities also were shooting the people that were causing people injured .- Mashhad: Square Park rally was near and people were the anti-government slogans. Ferdowsi University of protest gathering of students had heard the sound of shooting there appeared .- Shiraz: Drshahchragh and Paradise Square, Shiraz University of Science and Field crowd chanting „Brdyktatvr gathered and applied. Mercenaries regime and attacked them with fire and air strikes batons tried to disperse the people, but people had dispersed after being joined together again and the mercenaries had Mstsl .- Zahedan: Freedom Square Zahedan some flee gathered at the University of Sistan and students also gathered .- Department of Chemistry, Isfahan: People Chahar Bagh rally at the field and were chanting „Brdyktatvr the mercenaries attacked them with batons and beaten placed. Thirty-three people from the bridge to the gate of Shiraz were rallies and government forces are trying their Ramtfrq .- Rasht were: the people of this city, gathering and chanting anti-government rallies and applied to the suppressor elements attacked .- Keywords: Demonstration Qazvin Azad at the University and gave anti-government slogans .- Bandar: rally at the University of Bandar Abbas was released anti-government slogans and Students .- Kermanshah were: people gathering at 10 am and chants of death and death to Khamenei Brdyktatvr applied. Also at 11 am, some students Azdansh mobilization with clothes and Chfyh to mobilize against the gathering place of education takes the population of people chanting „Brdyktatvr / Down with Russia and China on the death of singing partner school had changed the event’s atmosphere. Leading all the way to the center of march slogans on walls dictator Death to Khamenei have written, Basij forces slogans linear line had not seen Tabriz .-: More than 10 thousand people had gathered at the water works and Tabriz were the anti-government slogans. Also inside the entrance of Tabriz University students over several thousand protesters had gathered .- Urmia: People Drflk·h Khayyam, the city held a rally or Trazy regime elements that they had been beaten.

– Lahijan: People gathered in the morning by the University and began Lahijan Noor Street and then people were martyred and street protests Azadegan – Ahwaz: protest rally at the University Chamran was done with the chant Brdyktatvr Khorramabad .-: in front of many people Feast of the city gathered and applied anti-government slogans .- Hamadan: Azsat 1200 to 1400 hours in a student Hamadan University of Science Azsalnhay hand assembly and to protest the state’s Sharlyh their demands began. Their protests so strongly Vpakvbydnha the echo was more complex classes .- Shushtar University: University Shvshtrdrdakhl university students chanting anti-government rally and gave .- Boroujerd: University students held a protest rally Boroujerd. Basij were wild And the people were attacked Ilam .-: Draylam people did protest and security forces with plastic bullets shot tied the Conference Hall. Also, beating people with batons were. Officials, street by street and house to house looking for those who were young in the shelter homes were .- Keywords: Drpark Shaghayegh Qazvin University students and other people had gathered and were the anti-government slogans. They had a small part of the huge protest space 13 formed in the Persian month Aban, which this year is also able to listen to their protests in other cities of Iran and also get the world. Of course, this fact should receive the level we now struggle with the previous year, is somewhat different and should not take the repressive forces and Bbndhay indicating the power of vision system. In fact, not only in content movement is stronger, but the province Mtzlzltr system and consecutive loss of the elements themselves indicate this fact. Conditions so that, even actors forces handed over to Khamenei are also acknowledged. Last fall leading government official and agencies, Farzad third cultural diplomat who has asylum in Norway. In an interview with him that he had said: this so I’m not a diplomat and other political opposition is considered one I get, I want an armed struggle against this regime and I must have a military dictatorship, was toppled fully armed. Actors who said that until yesterday the government has Vmnsby usurping authority. Words, half this amount and divide within the government, the tip of the ice mountain that we can battle it and see Jdalhay within the system. The diplomats, plus hundreds of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, and primarily the state …. Are all elements that sense the smell of destruction provinces have systems and of course we acknowledge their actions.

Even Rafsanjani due to „bounce“ Khamenei sits over the place and the provincial shrine kiss had business again in the „Expediency Council“! Said: „Yet the authorities warning of sanctions and the international community seriously and this is very dangerous. Yes, sanctions, warnings, UN condemnation, to disclose new nuclear sites in the region „Abyek Qazvin“, growing unemployment and poverty and closing factories and …., protests of people (workers, teachers and students of students All and all ….) and hands and loss of war and regime elements and Jdalhay them has increased, so that the system of the province each day revealed more days and consequently loss per surface forces has increased. conditions favor movement and the province is going to harm the system and the judiciary with the examples mentioned above, it is natural that the authoritarian regime, his dog chain to the streets more than before, and that inevitably bring the possibility of massive rallies, like last year it will have, in other words fighting shape has changed and it must meet the conditions and superiority over the enemy Dillon. Why should the final shootout rotten anatomy and rule supreme anti-people and hit them with techniques and drew even with low numbers increased. Current status of the system is so tragic that even the movements of the multiplayer is extremely scared and knows that at the height of inefficiency longer tolerate even a small gathering can not be both. Because the unstable, weak, and consequently is why foot bury that tell: more repression and more repression indicating growing weakness of this system and not his power. Even a dictatorship with the power system, air valves partly open to the community to keep pressure cook the society does not explode. But when the water passes over such Systems, inevitably between bad and worse, to choose evil, ie closing the air intake to the sudden population explosion acceptable price! So now must prepare for 13 Aban we own. The certainty that we have gathered together 13 Aban even smaller, an important influence on the destruction of this regime will Mflvk. With hope and will power, maximum efforts should be used for deploying the company that’s encouraged in this day and now the advertising slogan of the day writing and distributing leaflets and flyers and letters to start the night. Of their advertising efforts for These days, we prepared films and through CDs or its extensive Internet information we can, to other cities and neighborhoods as well start writing slogans and distributing leaflets and education we get from this move. In addition, films must inform the 13-Azar in the world’s major news agencies available to the world we know the determination has not been created Khlly Iranian youth and Iranian people in solidarity with each other, who want this day to call for freedom of the head. You living in me, I never Myrymazan you … we win … our group of students and academics in Tehran and other cities 25-6-89

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